Massimo Cencini's Talks

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Some Talks

mhd-loop.gif Active versus Passive Scalar Turbulence [html]
Talk for the Summer School Small-scale turbulence : Theory, Phenomenology and Applications held in Cargése (2007)
See also the talk for the INFM National School of Physics held in Turin 2004
sqe.jpg Active scalar transport: Is there universality in turbulent fields? [pdf]
Talk for the conference Statistical Mechanics, Chaos and Condensed Matter Theory held in Rome (2004)
heavyparticles.jpg heavyparticles.jpg Inertial particles in turbulence: review of dns and open issues [html]
Talk for the WorkshopStochastic models for turbulent suspensions of inertial particles held in Nice (2006)
heavyparticles.jpg Inertial Particles in High-Reynolds turbulent flows [html]
Talk for the ESF WorkshopChallenging Turbulent Lagrangian Dynamics held in Castel Gandolfo (Roma) (2005).
heavyparticles.jpg Clustering and collision in suspensions of heavy particles [html]
Talk for the workshop Physics and Modeling of climate dynamics, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Postdam, 2005.