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TWiki Operating Environment

Low requirements on client-side and server-side environment, to keep TWiki deployment as broad as possible is a key element of the TWikiMission. Strict W3C and ECMA standards compliance is also a mandate. These requirements are amended from time to time as technology progresses.
Server and client system requirements, file system structure


Low requirements on client-side and server-side environment, to keep TWiki deployment as broad as possible is a key element of the TWikiMission. Strict W3C and ECMA standards compliance is also a mandate. These requirements are amended from time to time as technology progresses.


Server-Side Requirements

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Browser Requirements
Resource Details
HTML 3.2 browser  
JavaScript 1.? Optional: JS degrades gracefully
JavaScript 1.? Optional: JS degrades gracefully
Cookies Not used
CSS1/2 ????

  • TWiki generates XHTML 1.0 code as long as it is compatible with HTML 3.2.

Known Issues

  • Some TWikiSkins may require more, like cookies and JavaScript
  • At present, contributed Plugins are not checked against compatibility standards, and may require anything imaginable: browser-specific functions, Java, cookies, CSS, etc.

TWiki Directory Structure


TWiki File System

You can easily rename the root TWiki directory - twiki - to whatever you like by changing it in the twiki.cfg configuration file. However, to keep the current installation and future upgrades simple, you should leave the subdirectory structure intact:
You can rename the root TWiki directory - twiki - to whatever you like by changing it in the twiki.cfg configuration file. However, to keep the current installation and future upgrades simple, you should leave the subdirectory structure intact:
Directory: Files: Used for:
twiki list Start-up info
twiki/bin list Perl scripts
twiki/lib list Configuration file & main library
twiki/lib/TWiki list Perl modules
twiki/lib/TWiki/Plugins list TWikiPlugins Perl modules
twiki/lib list Configuration file, main library, Perl system modules, Plugins
twiki/pub list Public support files (ex: FileAttachments, images) and RCS histories)
twiki/data list Topic text (page content) and RCS histories;
twiki/templates list HTML templates, used by TWiki scripts

File Descriptions

A rundown of the individual files in the current %VERSION% distribution, organized by TWiki root directories. Note that there may be minor differences in the start-up data files.
A rundown of the individual files in the current %VERSION% distribution, organized by TWiki root directories. Note that there may be minor differences in the start-up data files. All listings are complete unless otherwise noted.

Files in twiki

Introductory and installation files.
File: Used for:
index.html A page with a link to first launch TWiki after install.
license.txt Gnu General Public License and TWiki-specific info.
index.html A page with a link to first launch TWiki after install
license.txt GNU General Public License and TWiki-specific info
readme.txt General TWiki start-up info with relevant URLs.
TWikiDocumentation.html All documentation packaged as a single page.
TWikiHistory.html TWiki development timeline.
TWikiDocumentation.html All documentation packaged as a single page
TWikiHistory.html TWiki development timeline

Files in twiki/bin

All Perl CGI scripts.
File: Used for:
.htaccess.txt Authentication. Rename to .htaccess and customize if used
attach Script that shows the attach file page (FileAttachment)
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Files under twiki/lib

The new lib/TWiki/Plugins directories contain core configuration, libraries and function modules, and Plugins.
File: Used for:
TWiki.pm Main TWiki library
TWiki.cfg For configuration, used by TWiki.pm
Line: 116 to 124

Files under twiki/pub

attachments like images...
File: Used for:
favicon.ico xxxx
twikilogo.gif xxxx
Line: 164 to 174

Files under twiki/data

The data directory stores the content of TWiki pages as individual text files. Each active web has its own subdirectory. The TWiki distribution package includes four start-up webs, and quite a number of pages with documentation and demo content. This is a representative partial file listing...
File: Used for:
.htpasswd xxxx
debug.txt xxxx
Line: 184 to 196
_default/WebSearch.txt,v xxxx
_default/WebStatistics.txt xxxx
_default/WebStatistics.txt,v xxxx
Know/.changes xxxx
Know/.mailnotify xxxx
Know/IncorrectDllVersionW32PTH10DLL.txt xxxx
Know/IncorrectDllVersionW32PTH10DLL.txt,v xxxx
Know/NoDisclosure.txt xxxx
Know/NoDisclosure.txt,v xxxx
Know/OperatingSystem.txt xxxx
Know/OperatingSystem.txt,v xxxx
Know/OsHPUX.txt xxxx
Know/OsHPUX.txt,v xxxx
Know/OsLinux.txt xxxx
Know/OsLinux.txt,v xxxx
Know/OsMacOS.txt xxxx
Know/OsMacOS.txt,v xxxx
Know/OsSolaris.txt xxxx
Know/OsSolaris.txt,v xxxx
Know/OsSunOS.txt xxxx
Know/OsSunOS.txt,v xxxx
Know/OsVersion.txt xxxx
Know/OsVersion.txt,v xxxx
Know/OsWin.txt xxxx
Know/OsWin.txt,v xxxx
Know/PublicFAQ.txt xxxx
Know/PublicFAQ.txt,v xxxx
Know/PublicSupported.txt xxxx
Know/PublicSupported.txt,v xxxx
Know/ReadmeFirst.txt xxxx
Know/ReadmeFirst.txt,v xxxx
Know/SunOS.txt xxxx
Know/SunOS.txt,v xxxx
... ...
Know/TopicClassification.txt xxxx
Know/TopicClassification.txt,v xxxx
Know/TWikiCategory.txt xxxx
Line: 224 to 207
Know/WebChanges.txt,v xxxx
Know/WebForm.txt xxxx
Know/WebForm.txt,v xxxx
Know/WebHome.txt xxxx
Know/WebHome.txt,v xxxx
Know/WebIndex.txt xxxx
Know/WebIndex.txt,v xxxx
Know/WebNotify.txt xxxx
Know/WebNotify.txt,v xxxx
Know/WebPreferences.txt xxxx
Know/WebPreferences.txt,v xxxx
Know/WebSearch.txt xxxx
Know/WebSearch.txt,v xxxx
Know/WebStatistics.txt xxxx
Know/WebStatistics.txt,v xxxx
Know/WebTopicEditTemplate.txt xxxx
Know/WebTopicEditTemplate.txt,v xxxx
Know/WinDoze95Crash.txt xxxx
Know/WinDoze95Crash.txt,v xxxx
Main/TWikiAdminGroup.txt,v xxxx
Main/.mailnotify xxxx
Main/FileAttachment.txt xxxx
Main/FileAttachment.txt,v xxxx
Main/JohnTalintyre.txt xxxx
Main/JohnTalintyre.txt,v xxxx
Main/KevinKinnell.txt xxxx
Main/KevinKinnell.txt,v xxxx
Main/LondonOffice.txt xxxx
Main/LondonOffice.txt,v xxxx
... ...
Main/NicholasLee.txt xxxx
Main/NicholasLee.txt,v xxxx
Main/NobodyGroup.txt xxxx
Line: 260 to 218
Main/PeterThoeny.txt,v xxxx
Main/SanJoseOffice.txt xxxx
Main/SanJoseOffice.txt,v xxxx
Main/TokyoOffice.txt xxxx
Main/TokyoOffice.txt,v xxxx
Main/TWikiAdminGroup.txt xxxx
Main/.changes xxxx
... ...
Main/TWikiGroups.txt xxxx
Main/TWikiGroups.txt,v xxxx
Main/TWikiGuest.txt xxxx
Line: 272 to 227
Main/TWikiUsers.txt,v xxxx
Main/TWikiVariables.txt xxxx
Main/TWikiVariables.txt,v xxxx
Main/WebChanges.txt xxxx
Main/WebChanges.txt,v xxxx
Main/WebHome.txt xxxx
Main/WebHome.txt,v xxxx
Main/WebIndex.txt xxxx
Main/WebIndex.txt,v xxxx
Main/WebNotify.txt xxxx
Main/WebNotify.txt,v xxxx
Main/WebPreferences.txt xxxx
Main/WebPreferences.txt,v xxxx
Main/WebSearch.txt xxxx
Main/WebSearch.txt,v xxxx
Main/WebStatistics.txt xxxx
Main/WebStatistics.txt,v xxxx
Test/.changes xxxx
Test/.mailnotify xxxx
... ...
Test/TestTopic1.txt xxxx
Test/TestTopic1.txt,v xxxx
Test/WebChanges.txt xxxx
Test/WebChanges.txt,v xxxx
Test/WebHome.txt xxxx
Test/WebHome.txt,v xxxx
Test/WebIndex.txt xxxx
Test/WebIndex.txt,v xxxx
Test/WebNotify.txt xxxx
Test/WebNotify.txt,v xxxx
Test/WebPreferences.txt xxxx
Test/WebPreferences.txt,v xxxx
Test/WebSearch.txt xxxx
Test/WebSearch.txt,v xxxx
Test/WebStatistics.txt xxxx
Test/WebStatistics.txt,v xxxx
... ...
Trash/.changes xxxx
Trash/WebChanges.txt xxxx
Trash/WebChanges.txt,v xxxx
Trash/WebHome.txt xxxx
Trash/WebHome.txt,v xxxx
Trash/WebIndex.txt xxxx
Trash/WebIndex.txt,v xxxx
Trash/WebNotify.txt xxxx
Trash/WebNotify.txt,v xxxx
Trash/WebPreferences.txt xxxx
Trash/WebPreferences.txt,v xxxx
Trash/WebSearch.txt xxxx
Trash/WebSearch.txt,v xxxx
Trash/WebStatistics.txt xxxx
Trash/WebStatistics.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/.changes xxxx
TWiki/.mailnotify xxxx
... ...
TWiki/AlWilliams.txt xxxx
TWiki/AlWilliams.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/AndreaSterbini.txt xxxx
TWiki/AndreaSterbini.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/BillClinton.txt xxxx
TWiki/BillClinton.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/BookView.txt xxxx
TWiki/BookView.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/BumpyWord.txt xxxx
TWiki/BumpyWord.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/ChristopheVermeulen.txt xxxx
TWiki/ChristopheVermeulen.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/CrisBailiff.txt xxxx
TWiki/CrisBailiff.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/DavidWarman.txt xxxx
TWiki/DavidWarman.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/DefaultPlugin.txt xxxx
TWiki/DefaultPlugin.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/DeleteOrRenameATopic.txt xxxx
TWiki/DeleteOrRenameATopic.txt,v xxxx
... ...
TWiki/DeleteTopic.txt xxxx
TWiki/DeleteTopic.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/DontNotify.txt xxxx
TWiki/DontNotify.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/EditDoesNotIncreaseTheRevision.txt xxxx
TWiki/EditDoesNotIncreaseTheRevision.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/EmptyPlugin.txt xxxx
TWiki/EmptyPlugin.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/ExampleTopicTemplate.txt xxxx
TWiki/ExampleTopicTemplate.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/FileAttachment.txt xxxx
TWiki/FileAttachment.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/GnuGeneralPublicLicense.txt xxxx
TWiki/GnuGeneralPublicLicense.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/GoodStyle.txt xxxx
TWiki/GoodStyle.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/HaroldGottschalk.txt xxxx
TWiki/HaroldGottschalk.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/Hey.txt xxxx
TWiki/Hey.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/IncludeTopicsAndWebPages.txt xxxx
TWiki/IncludeTopicsAndWebPages.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/InterwikiPlugin.txt xxxx
TWiki/InterwikiPlugin.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/InterWikis.txt xxxx
TWiki/InterWikis.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/JaneDoeTestCreateForm.txt xxxx
TWiki/JaneDoeTestCreateForm.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/JaneDoeTestEditForm.txt xxxx
TWiki/JaneDoeTestEditForm.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/JohnAltstadt.txt xxxx
TWiki/JohnAltstadt.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/JohnTalintyre.txt xxxx
TWiki/JohnTalintyre.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/KevinKinnell.txt xxxx
TWiki/KevinKinnell.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/ManpreetSingh.txt xxxx
TWiki/ManpreetSingh.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/MetaDataDefinition.txt xxxx
TWiki/MetaDataDefinition.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/MoveTopic.txt xxxx
TWiki/MoveTopic.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/MoveWeb.txt xxxx
TWiki/MoveWeb.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/NicholasLee.txt xxxx
TWiki/NicholasLee.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/PeterFokkinga.txt xxxx
TWiki/PeterFokkinga.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/PeterThoeny.txt xxxx
TWiki/PeterThoeny.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/PreviewBackground.txt xxxx
TWiki/PreviewBackground.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/RandyKramer.txt xxxx
TWiki/RandyKramer.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/RegularExpression.txt xxxx
TWiki/RegularExpression.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/ManagingTopics.txt xxxx
TWiki/ManagingTopics.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/SearchDoesNotWork.txt xxxx
TWiki/SearchDoesNotWork.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/SimultaneousEdits.txt xxxx
TWiki/SimultaneousEdits.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/StandardColors.txt xxxx
TWiki/StandardColors.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/StanleyKnutson.txt xxxx
TWiki/StanleyKnutson.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/SvenDowideit.txt xxxx
TWiki/SvenDowideit.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TextFormattingFAQ.txt xxxx
TWiki/TextFormattingFAQ.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TextFormattingRules.txt xxxx
TWiki/TextFormattingRules.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiAccessControl.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiAccessControl.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/ManagingWebs.txt xxxx
TWiki/ManagingWebs.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiUserAuthentication.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiUserAuthentication.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiCategoryTable.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiCategoryTable.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiContributor.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiContributor.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiDocumentation.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiDocumentation.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiDownload.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiDownload.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiEnhancementRequests.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiEnhancementRequests.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiFAQ.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiFAQ.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiFormTemplate.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiFormTemplate.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiHistory.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiHistory.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiImplementationNotes.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiImplementationNotes.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiInstallationGuide.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiInstallationGuide.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WebNotification.txt xxxx
TWiki/WebNotification.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiPlannedFeatures.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiPlannedFeatures.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiPlugins.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiPlugins.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiPreferences.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiPreferences.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiRegistration.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiRegistration.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiRegistrationPub.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiRegistrationPub.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiSkins.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiSkins.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiTemplates.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiTemplates.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiTutorial.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiTutorial.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiTutorialKK.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiUpgradeGuide.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiUpgradeGuide.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiUpgradeTo01May2000.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiUpgradeTo01May2000.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiUsernameVsLoginUsername.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiUsernameVsLoginUsername.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiVariables.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiVariables.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiWeb.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiWeb.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/TWikiWebsTable.txt xxxx
TWiki/TWikiWebsTable.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/UnlockTopic.txt xxxx
TWiki/UnlockTopic.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WabiSabi.txt xxxx
TWiki/WabiSabi.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WebChanges.txt xxxx
TWiki/WebChanges.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WebHome.txt xxxx
TWiki/WebHome.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WebIndex.txt xxxx
TWiki/WebIndex.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WebNotify.txt xxxx
TWiki/WebNotify.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WebPreferences.txt xxxx
TWiki/WebPreferences.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WebSearch.txt xxxx
TWiki/WebSearch.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WebStatistics.txt xxxx
TWiki/WebStatistics.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WebTopicEditTemplate.txt xxxx
TWiki/WebTopicEditTemplate.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WebTopicNonWikiTemplate.txt xxxx
TWiki/WebTopicNonWikiTemplate.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WebTopicViewTemplate.txt xxxx
TWiki/WebTopicViewTemplate.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WelcomeGuest.txt xxxx
TWiki/WelcomeGuest.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WhatIsWikiWiki.txt xxxx
TWiki/WhatIsWikiWiki.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WikiCulture.txt xxxx
TWiki/WikiCulture.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WikiName.txt xxxx
TWiki/WikiName.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WikiNotation.txt xxxx
TWiki/WikiNotation.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WikiReferences.txt xxxx
TWiki/WikiReferences.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WikiSyntax.txt xxxx
TWiki/WikiSyntax.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WikiTopic.txt xxxx
TWiki/WikiTopic.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WikiWikiClones.txt xxxx
TWiki/WikiWikiClones.txt,v xxxx
TWiki/WikiWord.txt xxxx
TWiki/WikiWord.txt,v xxxx

Files in twiki/templates

Used to flexibly control appearance of rendered pages...
File: Used for:
<-- -->
Sorted ascending
oopsbadpwformat.tmpl xxxx
attachagain.tmpl xxxx
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