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  Attempted density blowup in a freely cooling dilute granular gas: hydrodynamics versus molecular dynamics
in press, Physical Review E 2008 arXiv.org:0709.3433 (2007)
  • L. Biferale, E. Bodenschatz, M. Cencini, A.S. Lanotte, N.T. Ouellette, F. Toschi, H. Xu
    Lagrangian structure functions in turbulence: A quantitative comparison between experiment and direct numerical simulation
    Phys. Fluids, 20, 065103 (2008)


  • J. Bec, L. Biferale, M. Cencini, A. Lanotte, S. Musacchio and F. Toschi
    Heavy particle concentration in turbulence at dissipative and inertial scales
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 084502 (2007)
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